Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Cool new resource and God's antimaterialism

I just discovered the BibleWiki a short time ago. I am going to put in my stuff from Jude as I prepare for a Bible study tomorrow night.

I think God may have something in for me. I think he doesn't want me to buy new things. He has this antimaterialism bent.
  1. It started about two and half years ago when we bought our new car, a Toyota Camry. We have had all sorts of trouble with it. The dealer and manufacturer would not resolve the problems. I took it to arbitration and we lost. The problems keep getting worse. That was the first new car we bought in 19 years. That other one was just not long for this world. Our other two used cars are quite old too.
  2. I just decided to get a new bicycle in November as mine was about 13 years old, had a cracking frame from a couple of crashes and had about 10,000 miles on it. So I waited to get a new one and then I spent, what I consider big bucks and got a 2006 Trek 4600. The chain broke (sheared) the first time I rode it about a mile down the road. The chainwheel slipped. The shifting is defective.
  3. I could go on with other items which I have bought and with which I had dramatic disappointments.

The conclusion I considered today is that God was perhaps chastising me for buying these things. Perhaps the actual chastisement we receive is proportional to what measures we might take to avoid it. You buy a new car/bike to avoid having to do work to maintain the old ones and figuring how to get by with your old stuff. The chastisement received with the new things in hand is more severe than if one had not bought the new stuff.

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