Thursday, October 02, 2008

Overuse of the adjective "spiritual"

I'm taking an online course titled Dealing With Overload. In reading Lesson 1, this statement made me stop hard:

"These current developments are historically, experientially, mathematically, and spiritually unprecedented on a scale that staggers our thinking."

This may be applying the "spiritual" adjective to strictly an internal world. I suppose one of the things I'm disturbed with in the modern culture is the excessive use of an inward point of reference. So, does the above sentence use spiritual in that sense? The pace of the world is an unprecedented event for my inside spiritual world? Surely we get into personal world views here, but I would wish to state that the spiritual events of importance are all outside of us. Inside our spirituality is corrupt, because it keeps us focused on ourselves and how we feel and what is for me, etc. I'm holding the position that the greatest spritual event occurred about 2000 years ago and nothing can surpass that.